Antidotumaqua: Natural hairspray for shine and smoothness


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Are you looking for natural products that will improve the quality of your hair, give them the right look and elasticity? If so, keep reading to learn more about natural hair care products.

Antidotumaqua is a great spray to keep your hair bright and hydrated. It is designed to eliminate dryness and adds strength and shine.

The hair is shiny and smooth provides natural hair care and protects the hair from damage. The formula is rich in vitamins, proteins and minerals to nourish and strengthen the hair. Experience healthy looking, smooth and shiny hair.

With this product, you will ensure that your hair is more supple and easier to untangle.

The product is suitable for application to hair and scalp. It is nanostructured, ionized, ozonized water, which is produced from perfectly clean and well-mineralized deep water from its own extraction by multi-stage filtration, structuring, ionization and saturation with ozone.

Composition/ Ingredients: Aqua 100% (positive ions, nanostructure)

Store at room temperature, protect from direct sunlight.

Application: Apply the mist well to damp hair and scalp and wait about 15 minutes. Then dry or wait until dry. The product is easily absorbed. Can be used repeatedly throughout the day. The best results are achieved with regular use.

Relieves the scalp from dandruff
Restores the correct pH of the skin
For all hair types
It is easily absorbed

Antidotumaqua is a product developed by the company Antidotumaqua. It is a high-quality mist that contains natural minerals, moisturizes the hair, nourishes and tones it. The product can be used daily on damp hair and scalp, as well as on dry hair to give shine and smoothness.

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