Why choose Antidotumaqua Cosmetics?

At Antidotumaqua we believe that natural cosmetics are better for skin care.

With today's advances in science, it's hard to imagine that the world will ever return to the days when natural ingredients made your skin look and feel great. But if you think about it, we have always taken advantage of nature to look and feel better.

Whether aloe vera to relieve sunburn,

Honey as a moisturizer or other natural products used since the beginning of time - there is no denying that nature has given us many tools to care for ourselves and others.

We believe that natural cosmetics are better for skin care because they are made with ingredients that occur in nature and are therefore easily accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial status or where they live. Natural cosmetics are also typically more affordable than most beauty products on the market today. And since they don't contain harsh chemicals (like parabens), they're safe even for sensitive skin types like yours!

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